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Image is of me, Chantel Teeds! Picture was taken with a Gameboy camera, how cool is that!
Fun fact! this self portrait of me was taken with a gameboy colour.

Hey there, I'm Chantel Teeds!

I'm a multimedia artist based in the sunny Okanagan!

My creative journey began back in Nelson BC with a digital arts degree from Selkirk College, where I developed a passion for dabbling in a bit of everything!

With over 8 years of experience, I've immersed myself in the world of graphic design, specializing in everything from Screen Printing to Embroidery and Signage. I believe in crafting designs that speak volumes about your brand's identity.

Photography is my other love, and you'll rarely find me without my camera! From capturing cherished family moments to freezing the love between couples, storytelling through images is where my heart lies.

Collage of interests. Photo one is of me snowboarding, attempting to take a jump. Photo 2 is an illustration of a hand holding a cloudy night sky. Photo 3 is a self portrait of me with custom made clouds, floating around my face.
Hand in the clouds
Head in the clouds (mini series)

I Like to...

  • Hang out with my cats

  • Explore the outdoors

  • Attend Drag shows

  • Try new breweries

  • Laugh and be silly

  • Play with colour

  • Create things

  • Take pictures

  • Eat pizza

I Dislike...

Being put in a box graphic

Scrolling through my website, you'll find that I thrive in being a jack of all trades. While I don't stick to a rigid aesthetic or style, I make up for it with my boundless versatility. I love diving into new ideas and approaches in both design and photography, refusing to box myself in.


I'm all about embracing the challenge and bringing your vision to life! But, don't expect me to settle for just anything! With my extensive background in the print industry, I strive to educate and advise on why certain designs will or won't work, particularly when it comes to translating them into apparel.

Let's collaborate and turn your concepts into captivating creations!

Be The

Timeless Piece

Of Art

When I'm behind the camera, think of me as your trusted guide and biggest supporter!


Whether we're bringing the whole family together, capturing those sweet moments with your special someone, or empowering you with some stunning boudoir shots, I've got your back.


Let's have some fun, strike a few poses, and create beautiful memories that you'll cherish forever. Your walls are waiting for some art, and I'm here to help make it happen!

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