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One of the coolest things about my job is watching digital artwork go from pixels on a screen, to a wearable garment. There's something special about how a digital concept transforms into a real, impactful thing you can touch and feel. It's what makes the whole creative process so darn exciting!

Title artwork - From pixels to fabrics

Embroidery stands as another print process under my careful oversight. I specialize in adapting artwork for digitization, prioritizing the clarity and legibility of every stitch. My role involves a meticulous review and approval process for both the digital rendering and the physical stitch out of your design before it finds its place on your garments. Your vision is my priority, and I am dedicated to ensuring that every detail is flawlessly translated.

Threadful Thinking - embroidery title art.
Leather Patch Title graphic

Over the past year, i've been able to create designs for Leather patches. Just like embroidery, you have to carefully navigate the nuances, ensuring that fine lines and delicate details translate flawlessly into the final piece. I meticulously adjust the designs to ensure the laser cuts through with precision. From working with genuine leather to exploring vegan alternatives. Each patch is a labor of love, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation.

In the spring of 2023, leather patches emerged as a favored print option among local golf courses, setting off a trend that quickly caught on. Captivated by the unique allure of these patches, one golf course after another clamored for their own. With adhesive backing, they effortlessly adhered to a variety of garments, offering a rugged, yet refined look to most garments. Despite some clients expressing a preference for sewn patches, cost considerations posed a challenge. Undeterred, I devised a creative solution: incorporating a clever dotted pattern around the edges to mimic the appearance of stitched-on patches, thus achieving a similar effect at a fraction of the cost.

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