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Okanagan vehicle wrap art

Designing vehicle wraps is a blend of creativity and precision. I don't just turn vehicles into moving advertisements; I turn them into moving art! By carefully considering dimensions and textures, I craft eye-catching designs that effectively convey messages. My goal is to turn heads and drive brand recognition wherever the vehicle travels.

Fully Alive Adventures logo

Rosanne's vision for her vehicle wrap was as unique as her business. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant colors in her logo, I aimed to create a design that would not only turn heads, but be instantly recognizable as her bike tour shuttle. Our goal was to craft a captivating design that balanced attention-grabbing visuals with practical functionality. To ensure both safety and visibility, we added special touches to the windows, opting for perforated decals that offer a clear view of the picturesque Okanagan valley while maintaining the integrity of the wrap. Now, as Rosanne's vehicle pulls up to pick up customers for their bike tour adventure, it's more than just a shuttle; it's a bold statement piece that sets the perfect tone for the journey ahead.

Pokelowna logo

Transforming this weathered food truck into a vibrant island oasis was no small feat, but we embraced the challenge with optimism. We were determined to bring Pokélowna's vision of a lively, beachy paradise with a touch of tiki charm to life. Meticulous planning was the key: every element carefully crafted to seamlessly blend across the truck's surface. Through careful printing and precise application, we achieved a flawless wrap, with palm tree leaves cascading seamlessly from one side to the other. Our design invites customers to indulge in the tropical atmosphere the moment they step up for a bite to eat.

Eising Construction logo

I transformed Eising's iconic splatter variation into a stunning distressed metallic wrap after the initial concepts fell short of expectations. Determined to deliver a design we both loved, I took a bold approach, adding an array of metallic textures for extra flair. However, the real challenge came after approval, as I had to rebuild the design from scratch, meticulously piecing it together to match the mock-up as closely as possible, all while fitting the size of the trailer.